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Garage Door Spring Repair Sioux City

At Siouxland Garage Door we take pride in being the #1 choice for garage door repair, garage door replacement and garage door installation. One of the most common repairs we see is garage door spring repair. We get a lot of questions regarding garage door spring repair so we’re going to try to cover some of them here. 

Can I replace my own garage door spring(s)? 

Well, you can, but we really don’t suggest it. Unless you’re trained and understand the tension risks when dealing with certain types of springs, severe injuries and/or additional damage can occur. Our trained technicians are experts in spring repair and installation. We are also fully insured to protect you and our employees from potential liability. 

Which spring needs to be replaced? 

Having one of our licensed technicians come out to inspect your garage door system is the only way we can answer this question. 

How many springs are on my system? 

There are two types of springs, depending on which type of garage door system you have installed. Torsion and Extension springs. Torsion spring is above the door encased in a tube. A loud pop or snap will be heard if this spring breaks. The casing protects you and other objects from being damaged when this spring breaks. Extension springs run parallel to each door track. 

Can I use my garage door manually until a repair can be made? 

No, you shouldn’t. A broken spring can cause a door to fall if the safety cable is damaged. We have 24 hour service to ensure you don’t have to wait on service. 

How many cycles should I be able to get out of my garage door system? 

Garage doors are built for 10,000-20,000 cycles depending on which system you choose and how well it’s maintained. You should have one of our technicians perform preventive maintenance on your garage door system to check for possible garage door spring repairs before they become a hazard. 

Whatever your repair may be or whatever questions you may have, we are always happy to work with our customers! Give us a call to discuss preventive maintenance, repairs or installation of a new system.