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New Garage Doors Sioux City, IA

At Siouxland Garage Door, we are experts at repairing and installing new garage doors. Our technicians will always discuss repair options and any safety concerns before we suggest replacing an existing door. Your safety and your family’s safety is our top priority. NEISS data reports 2,200 Americans are injured every year from a garage door falling on them. This is a preventable accident with regular preventative maintenance from an expert. If your garage door is at its lifespan max, we can take you through the options and services to get you a new garage door at a reasonable cost. 

Our Technicians are Trained and Equipped to Provide Excellent Service EVERY TIME. 

Our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards to ensure we always provide the best service to our customers. Siouxland Garage Door offers only quality workmanship with the industry’s top products. With 20 years of service experience our technicians come fully equipped for fast, reliable garage door service and installation. At Siouxland Garage Door we specialize in the following types of garage doors:

Insulated Garage Doors 

An insulated garage door is a bit more of a traditional looking option than a flush panel. The insulated option is a nice upgrade on any style of door. Homeowners are using their garage spaces for a lot more than just cars now. Whether it’s a man cave, workshop or just for storage and cars, your garage space is a huge energy wasting space. Having an insulated garage door can help you to manage your energy bills regardless of the season. As one of the largest openings in your home, the garage door can let out heat during the fall/winter and your precious air conditioning from inside your home in the spring/summer.

Non-Insulated Garage Doors 

A non-insulated door is one of the most common types of garage door. While these doors are more inexpensive for a homeowner initially, they will cost you more in the long run with energy inefficiency. Non-insulated doors are less durable and noisier than an insulated door. If you have a detached garage, separate from your home, this might be a good option. Although the warmer temps inside your garage can help to extend battery life and tire life on your car.

Flush Panel or Flush Mount 

This is a flush panel garage door that is flat or slightly textured. The benefit of this type of garage door is that it allows for a seamless look for a high end look while being able to carry a high weight from the design element. This type of door is usually a superior or higher end product and creates a seamless disappearing effect instead of a noticeable garage door.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house doors are fashioned after the look of an actual carriage house. Traditionally carriage house doors would swing open, without a motor. Garage door manufacturers have caught up with this trend by creating doors with the look of carriage doors but these still open with a motor. A carriage house garage door creates a more custom look on any home. 

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional garage doors are just that. These doors simply roll up into the ceiling of a garage with a vertical track. A traditional door doesn’t usually encompass the design options or bells and whistles of an insulated door. This is usually considered a base model of garage doors. You should still see a lifespan of 15 years or more. 

Garage Door Decisions with Siouxland Garage Doors

Whether you have a new build and no idea what type of garage door you’d like or if you’ve owned your home for years and it’s time for an upgrade in look, we can help. At Siouxland Garage Door, we can help you go through the options and help you find a door that fits the architecture and color of your home. Our technicians and design team are the best at what they do. Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your options for a new garage door.