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Blocked Garage Door in Sioux City

Garage doors were designed with a reversing mechanism that prevents them from closing on objects that are in the way. If your Sioux City home’s garage door closed halfway then opens back up, perhaps something is in the way preventing it from closing. If it appears nothing is in the way, give Siouxland Garage Door a call. We can have one of technicians come out and repair your garage door.

Garage Door Build Up

Nothing is more frustrating than having to get out of your car to move your kids bike, the garbage can or another object that is blocking the garage door sensor preventing your garage door to not close. If it appears nothing is in the path of your garage door closing, perhaps there is something else wrong with your door.

Overtime, debris can build up on the tracks of your garage door that prohibit it to close. If there is dirt build up on the tracks, the rollers that allow your garage door to move cannot function to their full capability. We recommend NOT trying to clean your garage door track yourself. This can be a very dangerous process as your garage door could come crashing down on you or the rollers could start to move and take off your fingers. Another possibility of why your garage door might not close is that the sensors have dirt on them. Dust and dirt can make the sensors not be able to communicate to one another letting the other know nothing is in the way and that it is OK to close. Be careful cleaning these off as they are easy to bump offsetting their alignment.

Inspect the area around your garage door. Make sure that the sensors are clear from objects. If your door still appears to not be closing, check the tracks. Cleaning out your tracks periodically might not be a bad idea as debris can build up over time and cause a ‘jam’ for the rollers. However, this process can be very dangerous. Make sure that everyone that would open and close the garage door knows you are cleaning out the tracks so they don’t take off your fingers. The easiest way to clean off the tracks is to run a damp cloth over them. This won’t take off all the debris that has built up over time but it will help take off some of it. If you do not feel comfortable cleaning the tracks, give Siouxland Garage Door a call. We can thoroughly clean off the tracks so the rollers can smoothly run. If cleaning down the tracks does not work, you have a much bigger problem that you will need professional service for.

For all your garage door troubles, contact Siouxland Garage Door in Sioux City. We have been servicing garage doors for over 15 years. Our technicians always come fully prepared to repair, replace, or assist you in operating your garage door. Don’t be locked out or inside of your own garage. Get it serviced today.

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