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Sioux City Garage Door Disconnect Switch Is Enabled

Garage door openers love to give out and stop working at the worst of times. If your garage door sounds like it is running and should open but it isn’t, chances are the disconnect switch is enabled preventing your door from actually working. If you can hear the motor running and your door doesn’t open, call Siouxland Garage Door in Sioux City today. Our technicians can come out to your home and reconnect your garage door.

Garage Door Disconnect Switch

Garage door disconnect switches were designed so that if you ever lose power, you could still manually operate your door. This releases the motor from being attached to the garage door opening system. Typically, the disconnect switch is attached to a rope that can be pulled for manual operation.

If for some reason you have lost power, chances are the disconnect switch was enabled. It is possible that the switch was triggered either by being bumped or coming unhooked from the motor. If you do lose power or it does become unhooked, you will need to reattach it in order to use your garage door automatically again. Reattaching the hook requires you to lift open your door all the way. If attempting to this alone, be careful as garage doors are very heavy and can come crashing down resulting in injury or possibly death. After opening the door all the way, reattach the hook then try opening and closing your garage door with your transmitter. If that doesn’t work, call Siouxland Garage Door. Our technicians come fully prepared to repair your disconnected switch and can have the door back to normal operation in no time.

There are other troubleshooting steps one of our technicians can look do if reconnecting the garage door switch does not work.

We strongly recommend getting a professional technician from Siouxland Garage Door to come out to your Sioux City home and service your garage door. Although you might think reconnecting the switch is a simple process, it can be a dangerous process. If you are not 100% sure on how to reattach the garage door switch, DO NOT ATTEMPT to fix it yourself.

Call Siouxland Garage Door today to reattach your garage door switch.