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Garage Door is Manually Locked in Sioux City

Nowadays, everything has a lock. Your phone, your house, your car, your wallet! Even your garage door has a lock. Garage door locks don’t often get locked, unless you plan to travel for an extended period of time, however, they are very easy to get bumped around and locked. If your Sioux City home’s garage door is locked and you can’t get in or out of it, don’t panic. Give Siouxland Garage Door a call. Our trained technicians have experience in unlocking garage doors that have been manually locked. Give us a call when your garage door is manually locked keeping you from getting out!

Garage Door Locks

Perhaps you have been gone for an extended period of time and ended up locking your garage door so no one could easily get in. However, once you returned, you forgot that you locked your door and never went to unlock it preventing yourself from getting in! So now you’re in a panic because you think your door is broken and can’t get in to your own house. Don’t panic! This can be a simple fix of unlocking your door.

Garage doors have a unique way of working sometimes. If your door appears to be on the track, nothing appears to be broken, and you can hear the motor running but it is not opening, perhaps your garage door has manually locked itself. Check to see if the lock on the door is engaged. If so, your door is just locked, nothing major!

Garage doors can manually lock themselves very easily. If there has recently been a storm that put out the power, your garage door probably shut itself off and ended up locking. Older garage doors all come equipped with garage door locks as a security measure to protect your Sioux City home.

To unlock your locked garage door, look for a knob or handle-like object in the middle of your door. There should be two bars running from it which release the door to be manually unlocked. On the handle or knob, there is a button that moves the bars across the door therefore locking it. This can be easily accidentally hit therefore locking your door from the inside. To unlock door, simply turn the handle until you hear a clicking sound. This will move the bars away from the edges of your garage and secure the handle in the open position.

Professional Garage Door Service

After hours of trying to figure out why your door won’t open when everything appears to be working, give Siouxland Garage Door a call. Our trained technicians can be out to your Sioux City home within the same day that you call to set up an appointment. Our professional garage door service is affordable and reliable. When you choose Siouxland Garage Door in Sioux City for your locked garage door repair service, you know you will be receiving quality service. We have over 15 years of experience in repairing garage doors which makes us Sioux City’s trusted garage door repair service company.

Don’t be left out in the cold because your garage door is locked and won’t open. Give Siouxland Garage Door a call. We can fix any locked garage door!