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Sioux City Garage Door Unevenly Moving

A common issue for garage doors is that they appear to be hung unevenly or move unevenly. This can be caused by many things such as improper installment or broken pieces. Siouxland Garage Door has been fixing uneven garage doors around the Sioux City area for over 15 years and knows how to repair your garage door so it is running seamlessly again.


When your garage door is not opening smoothly, it can take a toll on your day. If your garage door appears to be uneven, first make sure there is nothing in the way of the track where the wheels move. After checking to make sure there is no debris in the way and your garage door appears to still be uneven, check the quality of the springs. To properly inspect the quality of the springs, this will require a trained professional from Siouxland Garage Door to come out and take a look at it. Replacing parts on your garage door is a very dangerous process and can result in injury. Contact a professional to ensure that your garage door will be safe to operate.

Another common problem causing you to have an uneven garage door is when the springs are broken. There are multiple springs holding up your garage door. Torsion springs, extension springs, and the spring pulleys tend to wear out over time along with the cables running your garage door. We highly recommend giving us a call to come out and repair the broken springs. Contact a professional at Siouxland Garage Door to inspect and repair any broken garage springs and cables that have worn out over the years.

At Siouxland Garage Door in Sioux City, we fix all types of broken garage doors. If your garage door appears to be uneven, give us a call and we can come replace the broken springs or cables for you. We will make the repair process so simple and you will have your garage door functioning properly in no time!

For any questions on your garage door or for same day garage door repair service in Sioux City, call Siouxland Garage Door at 712-252-4444.