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Garage Door Sensors Not Working

Accidents can happen with your garage door. Perhaps it was a tennis ball hitting the garage door sensor or a spider web latched on blocking the sensor from properly working. If your garage door sensors are not working or are not aligned, contact Siouxland Garage Door in Sioux City.

Garage Door Sensor

Garage door sensors are installed as a safety measure. They prevent the garage door from falling on a child when their ball rolls under it and they run after it. They prevent it from closing on your car before you are fully in or out of the garage. If your photo eye sensor appears to be broken or malfunctioning, give Siouxland Garage Door a call.

Garage door photo eye sensors transmit an invisible beam between each other that detects if anything is in the path of the garage door closing. This is a safety measure that was installed to prevent automatic doors from closing on top or someone or something which could cause serious injury to the operator and the property.

Inspecting Photo Eye Sensors

If you notice your garage door opening fine but not closing properly, perhaps you have a garage door sensor problem. Garage door sensor problems can be an easy fix such as moving an item out of the closing path of the door, or they might require professional assistance in re-installing and re-aligning them.

Perhaps your garage door sensor isn’t broken but just dirty. Photo eye sensors can easily get dirty. At Siouxland Garage Door, we encourage you to clean off your garage door sensors once every season. Be careful as these can get moved around easily and therefore won’t align with the other sensor.

When cleaning the photo eye sensor on your garage door, make sure to not scratch it. These are similar to a camera lens and can be scratched very easily since it is made of glass. The photo eye sensors are small and can get dirty very easily. We recommend you use a soft, damp cloth to clean off any dirt that has built up over time. Be careful not to get it too wet or dirt will stick more easily to it which can cause your garage door sensors to not work properly.

Garage Door Sensor Alignment

If you have tried cleaning off your garage door sensors photo eyes and your garage door still is not closing, perhaps the alignment is off. If this is the case, call Siouxland Garage Door. We have professionally trained technicians that know how to properly install and repair your broken or malfunctioning garage door sensor.

Garage door sensors were installed in order to ensure complete safety while operating. They are in place to make sure that nothing will get smashed when closing your garage door. If something is in the path of the garage door shutting seamlessly, your door won’t go down. Garage door sensor alignment is what makes your garage door close without a problem. However, these sensors can get off track easily if they are bumped just right. With children and pets around, your sensors have a higher chance of being bumped around. If they don’t align just right, your door will not shut which can cause frustration. The photo eyes need to be pointing exactly in the same direction and at the same angle. If they aren’t, the sensors won’t register that the other one is there and it will assume something is in its path, therefore causing the door to stay open. Siouxland Garage Door can be out to your Sioux City home in a timely manner to repair your garage door sensor alignment having your door up and operating again in no time.

Garage Door Sensor Repair

Usually when your Sioux City garage door needs to be repaired, you often think of a broken spring, track is bent, or the opener isn’t working. However, garage door sensors can get damaged and need to be repaired. Photo eye sensors for your garage door allow your garage door to open and close properly without closing on an object that might be in the path of your garage door closing.

If your garage door is not closing properly, contact Siouxland Garage Door in Sioux City. We have professionally trained technicians that can install, repair, or replace your broken or unaligned garage door sensor.

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