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The Garage Door Spring Broke in Sioux City

Did Your Garage Door Spring Break?

If your garage door spring broke, you are not alone! This is one of the most common issues people have that require garage door repairs. Garage door springs are necessary to open or close the garage door both manually and with your electric opener. It’s practically impossible to get in or out of your garage whenever you have a broken garage door spring. If you notice a garage door spring broke or you witnessed it breaking, don’t try to open or close the door. This may endanger your safety or damage any personal property in your garage.


To fix your broken garage door spring and get back to your regular routine, you’ll need both a garage door spring replacement part and the experienced knowledge to safely make the repairs. We highly recommend NOT trying to replace the broken garage door spring on your own since there are many safety hazards related to replacing garage door springs without the proper equipment or knowledge. Garage door springs are under extreme tension, and improperly attempting to make repairs when your garage door spring broke may result in loss of limb or life.

Our Sioux City Garage Door Professionals 

Here at Siouxland Garage Doors we take great pride in our training and dedication to customer service. Our employees go through extensive training before they ever begin working with you on any door or opener issue that you may have! Our employees are dedicated to helping you in any way that they can. Whether it’s Garage Door Spring repair or the installation of your new garage door opener, Siouxland Garage Doors is here to help!

We also ensure that our repair project is simple for you as a homeowner. We understand that it may be stressful to have repair professionals in your home, but customer service is our main priority. Along with this, we ensure that we leave your garage space looking exactly the same as how we found it, minus the better operating garage door!

The Intricacies of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are a common part on garage doors that wear out after time. Garage door spring repair is necessary when your garage door opens slowly or with great difficulty. Garage door spring repair may be required if you notice that the springs on your garage door are broken, rusty, cracked, or rusted. Garage doors are known to have torsion springs at their center. These torsion springs store tension which allows them to exert enough pressure on the garage door so that it will return to its upright position after it has been opened. Garage doors operate using a counterbalance system of pulleys and cables. They also use torsion springs for extra support due to their weight and size, but these must be replaced separately from other types of springs in order to do any type of garage door repair or replacement. Here at Siouxland Garage Doors, we understand how important your garage doors and electric operators are to your home. Garage doors play a major role in the security and safety of your family and property.  Garage door spring repairs can be done by a professional to avoid any dangers. Siouxland Garage Doors is your local expert for maintenance, repair and replacement on all brands of garage doors and electric operators. 

Our Sioux City Door Spring Repair Services 

To fix your broken garage door spring and get back to your regular routine, call the experienced professionals at Siouxland Garage Door and let one of our certified technicians take care of the garage door repairs for you! We offer same-day-service and our skilled technicians are friendly, fast, and efficient. If you found that your garage door spring broke and need our 24/7, same-day garage door repair service, call Siouxland Garage Door today at 712-252-4444