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Garage Door Track Alignment Repair

Your Sioux City garage door will not open or close if the track alignment is not lined up right. If your garage doors track appears to be out of line, give Siouxland Garage Door a call. We can repair, replace, and realign your garage door track in a timely manner so you can have your door up and running again in no time.

Garage Door Track Adjustment

When your garage door track gets out of alignment, it can be a serious issue as you cannot open or close your door. The metal track your door runs on needs to be properly aligned in order for your door to operate. Garage doors can become unaligned over time, especially if they get bumped around or hit. When this happens, you are in need of a garage door track adjustment done.

If you notice gaps between the rails and rollers of your door, your Sioux City garage door needs to be realigned. The heavy weight from your door pulling down on the rails and rollers will make the problem worse and could cause harm to you and your family.

Garage door track adjustment is a common garage door repair. A few ways to tell if your garage door track needs to be adjusted are to listen to it when it opens and closes. If it makes a terrible screeching rubbing noise when the door reaches a certain spot, it is misaligned. If your door is constantly slowing down when it hits a certain spot on the tracks, it is misaligned and needs to be adjusted.

Repairing your garage door tracks alignment alone is never something we recommend. To repair it, you have to take off all the screws that hold the track to the frame. This is a dangerous process as your door could come crashing down on you. At Siouxland Garage Door, our professional technicians know how to properly realign your garage door track so that it will open and close once again.

Don’t take your chances with breaking your garage door or injuring yourself. Our trained technicians comes fully prepared with all the necessary equipment on their trucks ready to realign your garage door track. If your garage door track is too damaged, broken, or simply cannot be fixed, we will have the necessary supplies needed to install a new garage door track for you.

Call Siouxland Garage Door today if your garage door is off its track.