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Sioux City Garage Door Won’t Go Down All the Way

Nothing is more frustrating than running behind and finding when you go to close your garage door, it won’t go down all the way. That can leave you in a panic not knowing how you are going to get your garage door closed so you can get to work.

If your Sioux City garage door won’t go down all the way, contact Siouxland Garage Door in Sioux City. We can get a technician out to look at your garage door that day so you can be back to normal operation again.

Incorrectly Set Garage Door Limit

Garage doors have changed throughout the years. They now all come equipped with sensors as a safety precaution. Sometimes your garage door closes all the way then immediately goes back up instead of staying closed. Typically this happens on newly installed doors as the garage door limit isn’t set properly although it can also happen because your door isn’t set properly therefore confusing the sensors. Resetting your garage door limit can be an easy fix, however it is difficult for someone who doesn’t have the expertise to do it.

The culprit of why your Sioux City garage door is not closing all the way is usually the open and close limit settings on your garage door opener not being set correctly. The garage door limit range tells the garage door opener how far the door should move before it is fully closed. If your door settings are set too high, the door will hit the ground before the opener thinks it should causing it to open back up as the door thinks there is something in its path. Your door will automatically reverse to prevent crushing whatever object is beneath it therefore bringing upon frustration when you know nothing is in the path of your door.

Adjusting Garage Door Limit Settings

Adjusting your garage doors limit settings requires a professional technician from Siouxland Garage Door. The process doesn’t take long however it can be dangerous. Each garage door has different limits set and different processes to take. If you know where your doors manual is or are familiar with fixing garage doors, this could be done by you at home.

Adjusting the garage door limit settings can take a few tries. It’s often impossible to get it set correctly on the first run. You will need to experiment with a few different limit adjustments before getting it set correctly.

Finding the correct limit setting can be a challenge if you don’t know how your garage door operates. We strongly recommend getting a technician from Siouxland Garage Door in to come out and help you repair your garage door limit settings so that your door will close all the way.

If you need help adjusting the limit settings, give Siouxland Garage Door a call. Our technicians come fully prepared and ready to assist you in repairing your garage door so you can be out the door again in no time!

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